Chateau Bebe’s Very First Brand Rep – Valeris Soon

Valeris is a very cheerful girl who has a high level of energy. She can be demure at this moment and the next thing you know she is up to something cheeky again! Looks are deceiving and it is true! LOL

Valeris having fun during the photo shoot. She is wearing our Gone Batty Leggings.

We had fun choosing clothing for Valeris. We picked them according to her fun-loving personality. She can pull it off with neutral gender clothing as well. Most of the prints looked good on her.

Valeris is wearing our Headband Polkadots Coral.

If you like this little girl as much as we do, you can follow her on Instagram @pandavaleris.

Our team is looking forward to our next collection so Valeris and all the mini-me out there can wear labels from our independent designers that were designed and made with love.

“If we don’t love it, we don’t sell it.” – Chateau Bebe